I started to work on this editor on September 12, 2009, as a replacement for the old MapEdit. MapEdit is an easy to use map editor, but it can only be run with the use of DOSBox on newer Windows operating systems, so I decided to create a Windows Wolfenstein 3D map editor that's as easy to use as MapEdit, but having the features of a modern all-in-one Wolfenstein 3D editors like ChaosEdit or WDC.

Note: The following feature list is reflecting the currently added features of HWE alpha version 0.3.3, and therefore doesn't exactly reflect what the final version will include!


  • Map support for Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, Blake Stone: Planet Strike, Corridor 7, Operation Body Count, Spear of Destiny, and Wolfenstein 3D
  • Exporting and importing (multiple) maps (in ChaosEdit, HWE, FloEdit, MapEdit, and WDC map format)
  • Ability to display map information (Amount of map type objects in the currently selected map)
  • Ability to search for and replace tiles / objects in a map
  • Ability to apply a new map size to all maps at once
  • Ability to save maps in WDC compatible format
  • Ability to flip or rotate a copied map part
  • Zoom functionality for the map editing area
  • High and low byte editing of a map plane
  • Maps up to a size of 256x256 tiles
  • Built-in map symbols editor
  • Undo / redo functionality
  • Software update checker
  • Unlimited plane support
  • Unlimited map support
  • Clipboarding
  • Map editing
  • Map grid
  • Autofloor


Note: The following screenshots are from alpha versions of HWE, and therefore doesn't exactly reflect the quality of the final version!


HWE Screenshot HWE Screenshot HWE Screenshot HWE Screenshot HWE Screenshot HWE Screenshot HWE Screenshot HWE Screenshot