Unbelievable, it's over a year since the last website update. Anyway, today I present to you a new version of HWE (Download). This minor release doesn't include any new features, but some important bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the map editing area from refreshing correctly when the "Show Floor" option was deactivated
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the software update checker from comparing program versions correctly
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the "Find & Replace" functionality from working correctly in all cases

If you find any other bugs in HWE, have feature requests or want to give me feedback on HWE, please feel free to send me an email, write in my guestbook or leave me a message in this DHW thread. Like I said before, the next major release will include the first graphic and sound editing abilities.

HWE Screenshot
Click to Download

In other news: I've corrected some grammatical errors in the Log Files Feature tutorial and added some additional spambot protection to my guestbook and removed the Anti-Spam-Code feature.

That's all for now. Take care!


Today Dean has released the first Hitler Strikes Back review ever. You can check it out here!

In other news: I just discovered that it wasn't possible to write anything in my guestbook until yesterday, because I've forgotten to upload an important file to the web server. Sorry about that, it's possible to leave a message now. Wolf Overkill is feature complete since yesterday (coding-wise) and just needs code polishing and bug fixing, thereby the release of Wolf Overkill at the end of this year seems very possible now. There are still no news about HWE, my upcoming mod or the TGOEL v1.0 Wolf4SDL port, as I'm pretty busy at the moment, and just have free time in the evenings where I mostly don't really feel like doing something Wolf3D related... so stay tuned :-)


I received an email from Dean yesterday who reported a mapping bug which prevents you from entering the second secret map, because I've changed the secret wall movement from 3 to 2 tiles for the SDL version. I've obviously overlooked this and even a few other secret rooms which needed to be changed in order to make it possible to get into them, while editing the maps. Because of this I present to you the first update for Hitler Strikes Back SDL version which fixes a couple of mapping bugs. You can download it here.

Well, I've nothing more to report for now. Until next time, take care!


It's been quite some time since I've last updated this website, but today I finally present to you the second update for HWE. You can download it here. This release doesn't include as much new features as the last one, but it includes a lot of important bug fixes. Of course, there are also a couple of new features which include the ability to save maps in WDC compatible format and to display map information of the currently selected map. Anyway, like always, if you find any bugs in HWE, have feature requests or want to give me feedback on HWE, please feel free to send me a mail, write in my guestbook or leave me a message in this DHW thread. The next version will finally include graphic and sound editing abilities.

HWE Screenshot
Click to Download

In other news: The work on Wolf Overkill is almost done. We just have one big feature left, and after that we just need to polish and test the mod. We're now pretty confident that we're going to release the mod this year; no promise, though. Unfortunately this is all I've to say for the time being: There's no news about my upcoming mod (Surprising revelation, huh? :P) or the Wolf4SDL port of TGOEL v1.0. In the upcoming months, maybe.

Until next time, take care!


Today I present to you the first update for HWE. You can download it here. The highlights of the latest version are a map grid, zoom functionality for the map editing area, and the ability to flip or rotate a copied map part. I've also programmed a software update checker, so you no longer need to check for HWE updates on this website. There are also plenty of bug fixes. By the way, if you find any bugs in HWE, have feature requests or want to give me feedback on HWE, please feel free to send me a mail, write in my guestbook or leave me a message in this DHW thread.

HWE Screenshot
Click to Download

In other news: I've started to work on Wolf Overkill again. We hope to release the mod this year. I'm also porting TGOEL v1.0 over to Wolf4SDL, but don't expect the port anytime soon, as I'm pretty busy at the moment.

Well, that's all for now. Take care!


Look! The Easter bunny has a special present for you! After almost two years of development, the first version of my Wolfenstein 3D map editor called "Havoc's Wolf3D Editor" (HWE) is finally released to the general public!

HWE Screenshot
Click to Download

Some people may ask: "What's so special about this Wolf3D editor over the others?". Well, I think one of the main advantages of HWE over the other editors is the ability to add as much map planes as you want. The current major Wolf3D editors out there, namely ChaosEdit and WDC, don't offer such a possibility and are rather limited in this regard (ChaosEdit = 3 map planes in total, WDC = 8 map planes in total). Other advantages are the user-friendly GUI, which is a close resemblance to MapEdit, and that HWE is designed to be easy to use: You simply need to open the folder where your map files are stored and after that you can directly start to create / edit maps. HWE also supports all common export map file formats from all known Wolf3D editors out there which makes it easy for you to import maps in different file formats into HWE. If you want to know more about the editor, please visit the HWE page on this website or download the editor right away and figure it out yourself!

While porting Hitler Strikes Back to Wolf4SDL, I had to find out that if you're using any other Wolfenstein 3D version, except the Apogee version, enabling the "Read this!" feature requires some additional steps, which I didn't realise, when I released the tutorial about how to enable the "Read this!" feature in the Spear of Destiny code base. So I've revised and updated the tutorial with the additional required steps for the Wolfenstein 3D code base.

Anyway, that's enough jabbering from me. There'll be some interesting revelations soon. Happy easter to all of you!


I've finished my work on the SDL version of Hitler Strikes Back. You can download it here. As said before, the SDL version has some slight changes compared to the DOS version (e.g. different sprites for Dr. Schabbs and extended bonus maps), so don't wonder if you find a few new things :-) Also note that I've slapped this version together within a couple of hours and just roughly tested it, so you *might* encounter some small bugs, if you do so, please tell me.

It also got to my attention (thanks to lilmanjs!) that the cheat batch file for Absence, which I released 2 years ago, doesn't work with the Absence SDL version. This is because the cheat code parameter in the batch file was written in upper-case letters, but the parameters in the SDL version are case-sensitive, which I didn't think about, when I first released the cheat batch file. I've uploaded a new version of the cheat batch file now, which works with the DOS and SDL version. You can get the updated Absence cheat batch file here!

Alright, now that the SDL version of Hitler Strikes Back is out, I'll focus on my Wolfenstein 3D map editor again ;-)


I don't want to talk about why I didn't make the promised Christmas update or any other update since the beginning of December. The only thing I'm going to say about this is that I had some personal problems. Due to this I hadn't much time to work on Wolfenstein 3D related things, but I wouldn't put an update online, if I hadn't something new for you to check out :-)

First of all, I've added a guestbook to this website in which you can leave me a message. Secondly I've added some coding tutorials to this website which are written for Wolf4SDL. At the moment I've put two tutorials online which dealing with adding the "Read This!" feature to the Spear of Destiny code base and how I programmed the log disc feature in Absence.

Thirdly I've created a patch for the Absence SDL version which adds some text messages that were missing in this version; it also fixes some Wolf4SDL related bugs. You can either update your current Absence SDL version with this patch or download the full version with the patch already included. There's also a new review about Absence which was written by Dean. You can find the review on Dean's Wolfenstein 3D Blog.

Fourthly I've decided to create a Wolf4SDL version of Hitler Strikes Back which will have some slight changes compared to the DOS version. Namely the changes are: Different sprites for Dr. Schabbs and extended bonus maps. I hope to release the Wolf4SDL version within the next week, so stay tuned!

Last but not least, I've decided to change the way on how I proceed to develop my Wolfenstein 3D map editor, which means that I'm going to release a pre-release version of the editor soon that won't include all the features of the final version, but enough to create maps for Wolfenstein 3D mods without big code changes already.

Okay, that's all for now. Take care!


Yes, I know. I wrote that there'll be an update on the website around Christmas first, but Team Raycast has decided to release a teaser trailer of SonderKommando Revolt, so I thought I would let you know that just in case you haven't seen it already. The teaser trailer not only shows you in-game footage of the mod, but also reveals the release date of the mod which is the 1st January 2011. The teaser trailer was created by LunaG. News about my upcoming Wolfenstein 3D map editor and a new mod will still be published around Christmas!


For those of you who didn't know it yet, I would like to announce that I'm involved with the upcoming mod SonderKommando Revolt. More specifically I'm acting as the senior programmer there now, and that's also the reason why there was no update here for quite some time. SonderKommando Revolt takes a lot of time from me, so I needed to halt all my current projects, thus, Absence II and HWE. The good thing is that we're making really good and fast progress, so a release isn't that far away anymore.

Anyways, here's the bad news: Absence II is on hiatus! The reason is that I've simply chosen the wrong scenario for this TC. It was going to play in a city respectively a town. At first I thought that would be a cool and unique idea for a Wolfenstein 3D modification, but then again it would have meant to get an artist who would draw all these typical city objects, and it also had meant that I would have needed to program all these objects into the source code. The bottom line is: Absence II will return, but not in its initial scenario.

What I've to say about my Wolfenstein 3D map editor? Well, I just need to finish the rewritten undo / redo functionality and writing the first version of the help file. If these two points are done, the editor will be ready for another internal alpha release. The new version includes map editing support for Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, Blake Stone: Planet Strike, Corridor 7, and Operation Body Count. I've also added the ability to edit map symbols and map graphics inside of HWE. I've added some more stuff, but I don't remember exactly what, as I was simply too lazy to write down all changes and new features that I've included in the new build :D Be that as it may, here are some new screenshots of the editor:

HWE Screenshot HWE Screenshot HWE Screenshot
HWE Screenshot HWE Screenshot HWE Screenshot
Click to Enlarge

The next update on this website will probably be around Christmas. Maybe I've some surprises for you by then.


Once again, it's been a long time since the last update, but I wasn't inactive in my apparent absence. First of all you should know that even if I've started to work on Absence II, there's still nothing to show of it. The game is currently more a technology demo than anything else. The only interesting news I can tell you about it is that lilmanjs is working on the music for Absence II.

Secondly my work on Wolf Overkill is almost completed, and I think that this 100 maps mod will be very enjoyable for everyone who likes the classic Wolfenstein 3D atmosphere with some coding changes ;-) As you probably already know, I've also worked on NovoWolf which was also created by Thomas and released on the 2nd of December 2009. This mod is a lot smaller (20 maps) than Wolf Overkill, and it doesn't really include amazing coding changes, but it's a great mod with classic Wolfenstein 3D feeling. If you like classic Wolfenstein 3D gameplay, you should check this mod out! You can download NovoWolf from here.

Thirdly I've contributed one map (E5M9 - "Lebkuchenhaus") for the 60 level mapset called Super Haven Mapset which was created by members (including me) of the Wolf3D Haven Forum. The mapping contributors for this mapset were Dark_Wizzie, ack, Thomas Weiling, WLHack, Valts, Jayngo, Jpb, Dr. Chainsaw, Schabbs, and me. If you like classic Wolfenstein 3D gameplay mapsets then check this out! You can download the mapset from here.

Fourthly I started to work on a Wolfenstein 3D map editor which is called "Havoc's Wolf3D Editor", or in a nutshell "HWE", and just got out to the alpha testers yesterday. I started this editor on the 12th of September 2009 as a replacement for the old MapEdit. The idea for the editor came up when Thomas started his work on Wolf Overkill. He used and still uses MapEdit to create his maps, because it's an easy to use map editor, but as he has Windows Vista and needs to use DOSBox in order to get this old editor working on his OS, I decided to create a Windows Wolfenstein 3D map editor that is as easy to use as MapEdit, but having the features of a modern all-in-one Wolfenstein 3D editors like ChaosEdit or WDC. Now, after over a half year, I finally finished a first alpha version of this editor, and the testers can finally try the editor out. Here's a screenshot of the editor:

HWE Screenshot
Click to Enlarge

If you want to know more about the editor please visit the HWE page on this website.

Okay, that's all for now. I try to keep you more updated regarding my projects from now on again.


It's been over a half year ago since the last update, but now it's finally there and I've to report a lot! First of all you probably already noticed that the website has become a little bit wider. I did this to have more space for the site content and to make the website look a bit bigger in general.

Secondly you can find a cheats section on the Absence page now which provides you the cheat parameter and additional cheat keys of the game. For people who don't know how to set up the cheat parameter or are simply too lazy for it, I've created a batch file which activates the debug mode of Absence. I've also added a new Absence review link. The review was written by Nexion who is probably better known under the name Mäx. You can find his review on his website M2 Software (scroll down until you see "Absence").

Thirdly I've cancelled Operation Wiederbelebung because the modification didn't pass my "The idea must evolve for over two weeks without me running out of ideas since the idea first came up in my mind"-test. I hope I don't have to explain the reason for this test any further, but just in case you don't get it: I decided to try out this test in order to make sure that I don't cancel the project just because I ran out of good ideas for it. It happened to me too often in the past and I don't want to be in such a situation ever again.

Fourthly I decided to start creating Absence II: Civil Commotion already now as this project has passed the above-mentioned test. You can already read some information about Absence II on this page here, but don't expect that much as I currently just have released the storyline, or rather plot, and the current title screen. Apart from Absence II I'm also acting as a coder for Thomas' new Wolfenstein 3D add-on called Wolf Overkill.

Okay, that's all for now. Take care!


Since the release of Absence I've received a lot of emails from people asking where to find the yellow keycard on level 1 and how to destroy the cyborg Protoss on level 5. Personally I don't think that these things are too hard to find out. Be that as it may, I've created and uploaded two walkthroughs for people who may have troubles to accomplish these things. You can find the video walkthroughs on YouTube. Here are the links to the videos:

Absence Walkthrough - Level 1  Absence Walkthrough - Level 5
Time to choose

Note: There won't be any other walkthroughs from me, so please don't wait for any new ones and don't ask me to do any other!

In other news: I hope to release some information about my new project Operation Wiederbelebung soon, and I'll probably also already show you some screenshots of it then. So look forward to it, it should be cool ;-)


Santa Claus has a present for you: it's Absence as SDL version! You can download it here, but that's not all, folks. There's one more present for you: a patched version of Absence DOS! This updated version fixes some exploits and a bug on map 17. You can get the new DOS version at the same place as the SDL version of Absence, right here! Here's a screenshot of Absence SDL. If you look closer, you'll be able to find a little difference between the Absence DOS screenshots and this one:

Absence SDL Screenshot
Click to Enlarge

Now that the updated Absence DOS and the new Absence SDL version are out, I can finally say that the Absence era is over for now. I'll now focus on my new Wolfenstein 3D mod project! I won't give you many details about it yet, but the name of the new mod is Operation Wiederbelebung and will play in the Second World War.

Anyway, that's enough jabbering from me. Merry Christmas Everyone!


Since Havoc's Wolfenstein 3D Website saw the light of day on the 18th of January 2005, I've learned a lot more about how to make up decent website layouts and design. Therefore I decided to remake this whole site with a somewhat newer design. Although most of the content remains the same, there are two new sections: articles and awards. I hope you enjoy the new sections.

In project news, The Making of Absence has finally been released today! Click here to read the article in its entirety. The Making Of doesn't just contain a lot of information about the development of Absence but also some insider information. In addition it provides you some tips about how to make a game. At this point I'd like to thank mbender for correcting my cheesy English in the article :-)

For those of you who don't know it yet, I'd like to announce that Absence received the Dome Award for September 2008.

Dome Award for September 2008

Many thanks for the award!

As if this wasn't enough, the English games magazine Total PC Gaming has published a little review about Absence in their 13th issue. You can read the review here.

You'll also be pleased to know that I'll soon start to work on a Windows port for Absence based on Wolf4SDL. With this port done you no longer need to mess around with DOS emulators, like DOSBox or VDMSound, and people with Windows Vista can finally play Absence too ;-)

Well, that's all for now. Till next time!


A little patch for Absence was released which tweaks the enemy strength to make the game a bit easier. The patch can be found in the download section. Of course, I've also updated the whole game which includes these tweaks, so this patch is only for people who have Absence 1.0!

09/09/2008 - ABSENCE RELEASED!

After two years of development, Absence is finally done! Even though Absence is based on Wolfenstein 3D, you'll see that the engine has been greatly expanded to create a game that belongs more to the action role-playing genre than to the action genre as such. Anyway, hopefully the game lives up to expectations, whatever those were!

At this point I'd like to thank the development team for helping me bring this game to fruition. I couldn't have asked for a better team. Metal Overlord did around 50% of the object sprites and some guard sprites as well as providing the voice for the end boss, JoeWolf did all the weapon graphics and some object sprites, JackaL did most of the walls and the status bar head graphics, and WLHack did some guard sprites and object sprites. I should also mention the great testing team: AlumiuN, bl00dlust, Lozer_42, Metal Overlord and Schabbs. Without them, the game would have been plagued by annoying bugs. Their help and suggestions are much appreciated. Other thanks go to the makers of the original sources upon which this game bases its graphics and sounds. Last, but not least, thanks to mbender for correcting the in-game texts.

I hope you enjoy it!



Today the final beta test of Absence started! The beta version gone out to the beta testers a moment ago. I've set the release date for Absence to the 9th September, so stay tuned and visit the page on the 9th September, as you'll probably find Absence for download here first.


Surprise! After over a year, there's finally an update to the page! You probably wonder why there wasn't an update much earlier. Well, my old hoster decided to stop its hosting service and so I wasn't able to update the page anymore. The only thing that I don't understand is why the page was still online, even though the hosting service was disabled. I'm also not able to remove the old page, but who cares. Anyway, my little page found a new home at Dugtrio17.com and so I thank Dugtrio17 for providing me webspace for it ;-) As you probably already notice, the page is not only transfered to the new hoster, but also looking a bit different. Well, I've updated every section on this page and improved the code behind it, so that the page loads a bit faster. By the way, for all who don't actively watch my Absence thread at DHW forums or the Mod DB entry: Absence is almost complete and the final beta test will start within the next days! I don't want to give you an exact release date yet, but be sure that it'll some time next month. I'll post the release date, when I'm completely sure that everything working out how I want it to. Last but not least, there'll be more updates to the page again ;-)


I've finally finished the new design for the page and also announce my new TC today: Absence! Absence is the successor of the cancelled The Fall and even if the story is almost the same, it has several improvements in comparison with The Fall. There'll be an experience system and some "never seen before"-features that I won't tell you now ;-) If you want to know more click here or visit the DHW thread I've created for Absence.


It's been a while since my last update to this page, but now it's finally there and I've to tell you that I've cancelled Operation Overlord, because I felt stupid doing a Doom2Wolf mod. However, I'm working hard on a new Wolfenstein 3D TC that will kick-ass, when it's released. Nothing more to say about it yet. The page will soon get an update with cleaned up sections and a better structure.


Operation Overlord has made a lot of progress and gone alpha stage last week. I decided to cancel The Fall completely, but don't be sad now, a lot of features which were included there will find their place in Operation Overlord or further TC's I already planned. However, I'm not going to tell you anything about Operation Overlord, even if the TC is already in alpha stage. But be sure that I'll release some information and screenshots in the next news I post here. Stay tuned!


The page is finally online again. After my old webspace was gone, I didn't find a new one which was good enough. Now the page is back online and a new project, too! I'm currently working on a Doom2Wolf TC called Operation Overlord. There'll be more information about the project soon. For now, enjoy the comeback of the page ;-)


And one more time it's over 2 months ago since my last update here :D I just wanted to tell you that The Fall is under development again! If you want to know more about it just visit the official homepage!


Again it's over 2 months ago since my last update to this page here, but now I've two updates for you. The page has a slightly different design and the patch for Hitler Strikes Back is finally available for download! As I told you in the last news, I've fixed two bugs in HSB: The first one was that the high score in the status bar wasn't updating correctly in the cheat mode and the second one was a little bug in the last map of HSB, where you could see into the "landscape block" of the exit. Now these bugs are fixed and HSB got the version number 1.01 ;-) Well, there's nothing more to tell, so until the next news!


Woho, an update after 2 months! Sorry for that, but I was very busy the last 2 months. Anyway, there happened a few things in this time. First of all I got an award for Hitler Strikes Back for the good old Wolfenstein 3D feeling of my maps (that was my goal):

Dome Award for June 2005

Second news is that I've stopped The Fall for an unkown time, maybe, if I decide to work on it again, I'll use a different engine, but I don't know yet. Third news is that I've added a link to a new Wolfenstein 3D project called Wolfenstein 3 Return Of Hitler. Last but not least, I'll probably make a patch for Hitler Strikes Back, because of two little bugs that (probably) only me knows. Well, that's it for now ;-)


Hitler Strikes Back is done! Nothing more to say, just download it right now and enjoy it!


Hitler Strikes Back is finally in beta stage. It has already been sent to the beta tester who is testing it at the moment. I think the release will be next week! Before I forget, here are the screenshots I promised you (click to enlarge):

Hitler Strikes Back Screenshot 1 Hitler Strikes Back Screenshot 2
Hitler Strikes Back Screenshot 3 Hitler Strikes Back Screenshot 4


I'm not dead, just very busy at the moment! However, I've worked on Hitler Strikes Back and it's almost done. If you want to see the current status have a look at the projects page. Unfortunately, I've to tell you that there'll be no screenshots until the game is to 99% done. So stay tuned!


Welcome to my brand new Wolfenstein 3D page. Here you'll find all my Wolfenstein 3D add-ons. Besides I've tried to record a Wolfenstein 3D in-game video - successfully! If you want to see it click here! You need DivX 5.2.1 or higher to play this video! Now enjoy your stay :-)