The US government has decided to start a secret project for genetic and robotic experiments. For this purpose an underground lab called the "Sigma Complex" was built in the state of New Mexico. One year after the start of the project something terrible happened down there. The connection to the lab complex was lost. No one knows what happened, but someone has to find out! The government decided to send you, an elite soldier, specially trained for army operations like this, into the complex. The first priority of your mission is to find the last known documents about Professor Tom Baker's experiments and then destroy the complex. The second priority is to eliminate all failed lab experiments, and see if anyone (or anything) has survived. You arrive at the access point into the lab complex and enter the elevator that transports you to the entrance hall. You step out of the elevator and hear animal-like growls and computer-like beeps echoing through the distant corridors. They know you're here. There's no turning back now. Time to kick some metal ass!


  • One big episode (18 maps)
  • Some puzzle elements
  • Four new deadly weapons
  • An experience system
  • A lot of new and scary enemies
  • A new and dark storyline that's told with diaries
  • And much, much more, that you've never seen before!



Video Walkthroughs:

Cheat Codes:

  • Parameter: W4RF41R
  • Debug keys: SHIFT, ALT & BACKSPACE
  • Extra cheat keys: TAB + U (All your upgrades are level 4) & TAB + K (All keys)

I've prepared a "cheats.bat" for people who don't know how to set up such a batch file or who are simply too lazy for it ;P

Note: The following screenshots are from the alpha or beta version of Absence, and therefore doesn't exactly reflect the quality of the final version!